06 April 2017

Commenting Works!

Yay! The latest two applications for use of Crown Land to investigate the feasibility of developing solar electricity generating facilities (ie. blanketing the place with solar arrays), have NOT BEEN APPROVED!

Comments, which became increasingly numerous as each new application came in, must have had a huge effect!  Keep up the good work! Now, if we could just get the other seven approvals rescinded until the BC Government developes policies and guidelines specific to solar installation, that would be terrific!  Or, if we could AT THE VERY LEAST get the two grants on the Skookumchuck Prairie IBA rescinded, that would be good, too.  It's an IMPORTANT BIRD AND BIODIVERSITY AREA, people! What's up with THAT!

I found FOUR Lewis' Woodpecker nests there in two hours last year, and that was just along a short stretch of back road, not the whole area granted to the solar company.

The IBA is not the only concern, though.  Do we want vast swaths of solar arrays covering ecologically valuable land? Or have we learned yet, that the seemingly unlimited resources that SOME of our ancestors saw in when they colonized, are not really so unlimited?  Can we go for the decentralized model of solar power production that would hopefully minimize ecological damage and may actually reduce our ecological footprint?

21 January 2017

Editing the numbers in your eBird checklist

Here is how to get to, then edit your eBird checklists:

You have to be on the web page (cannot be done through the eBird app).

First, I show you the preliminary steps to get to your checklist.

Then I show you how to edit the numbers for the species in your checklist.



 Preliminary steps: getting to your checklist

1. Get to the eBird website:

 Method 1:           to get to the checklist via link:
                               click on the link in the email I sent
                               you about the checklist

follow the link in the email I sent you

 You may have to Sign In as shown below:
 If the page shown below pops up, you will have to enter your User Name and Password

Sign In or follow the links and instructions by clicking "Forgot User Name?" or "Forgot Password?"

Aside:     If you have forgotten your user name and / or password:
                use the links below the buttons "Sign In" and "Cancel" to
                reset your password.

                DO NOT CREATE a NEW ACCOUNT until you have exhausted
                all means to regain access to your existing account.  Accounts
                cannot be deleted - so multiple accounts can get messy.

                If in doubt, email me to find your user name and the email address
                you used to create your eBird account.

Method 2:            to get to your checklist via the eBird home page -
                               through your internet browser:

Step 1:  Open your browser

Step 2: get to eBird
- Start typing in "ebird" in the top box of your browser
     - you may get suggestions - so choose eBird.org
     - or completely type "ebird.org" and hit "enter"
Searching for eBird - what it looks like

 Step 3:  Get to "My eBird"
- the above step will get you to eBird as shown below. (maybe the US portal or maybe the Canadian portal - it doesn't matter.  FYI eBird has several portals around the world, in different languages. You can access eBird through any of them - in that language)

- next, you have to get to your own data - called "My eBird"
- click on "My eBird"  - one of the tabs in the olive green near the top

From this eBird home page: Click on "My eBird"

You may have to sign in - see above.

Step 4: Once signed in, you will see the screen below:
- On the sidebar to the right: click on "Manage My Checklists"

click on "Manage My Checklists"

Step 5: That will take you to THE FIRST PAGE of a list of all your checklists, as shown below

IGNORE the words at the top left in the white box: "My Shared Checklists" - this is for showing you checklists that OTHERS have shared WITH you.

Find the checklist you want to edit:
Method 1: scroll down the page - looking for date and location
- then click on "View or edit" over on the right

Method 2:
IF you have a lot of checklists, you will have to use the page navigation tools found at the top right, inside the white box, as shown below.  After finding the checklist, click on "View or edit" over on the right

Editing your checklist

Look on the right side - inside the white box.

From here, you can:
"Edit Location"
"Edit Date and Effort"
"Edit Species List" - edit the numbers, and other things
"Remove Species" - easily remove the species from the checklist
Click on "Edit Species List" to change the numbers
To change the number of a species you saw:
Click on "Edit Species List" - the screen will change to show boxes on the left with the numbers you entered

- click inside the box (the one that is to the left of the species name)
- select and delete the existing number
- enter the correct number
- SAVE - by clicking on the green box at the bottom left - inside the blue side panel

Change the numbers, then Save

Hope this was helpful!

PS.  You can browse through all your checklists, after you've hit "Save".
If you are looking at a single checklist:  see the buttons on the top right? "Older" and "Newer"!

14 January 2017

Song, Word, Cloud

Words describing some warbler songs

TagCrowd online service created this tag cloud for me of words describing Warbler songs.  Zeedl zi zoo!

Data for above is from song descriptions on the Nature Instruct > Dendroica website.

 Data for below is from the same and allaboutbirds

13 January 2017

What! 999 and 199?


eBird informs me I reviewed 999 submissions in 2016.  Dang, I couldn't break the triple zero on that?

I mean, even my year list was left at 199!  No Brown Creeper last year.  Can you believe that!