18 March 2016

Songs to Learn and When

Curious about which birds arrive when - to help guide you to what songs you should learn or brush up on first?

Check out these docs:

East Kootenay song chronology by bird family:

East Kootenay song chronology by month of arrival (or start of breeding season)

06 March 2016

East Kootenay eBird data entry subspecies, spuhs, and slashes

If you are confused about the myriad non-species or multi-species choices available for use when entering data into eBird please follow the link below to a pdf document where I describe the spuhs, slashes, and subspecies groups one may encounter in the East Kootenay.


Google Drive document: Subs, spuhs and slashes comment only.pdf

Thank you for contributing to eBird.